Thursday, March 10, 2016

Birthday Brainstorm

Harry turns THREE next month and I've been brainstorming and collecting for his party! He is super duper into dinosaurs at the moment so I thought that would make for a super cute party. The first thing I purchased was a container of tiny plastic dinos at Walmart. And they ended up being the cutest assortment of colors, so I decided to go with the colors of the dinos as the color scheme for the party. And of course, I started looking on Pinterest for food ideas and entertainment ideas for the kiddos and found so many creative and fun ideas for the party.

I love to plan and execute a party for my kids but one thing I've always found daunting in the past is transporting party goods to the chosen venue for the party BUT this year we get to have the party at our house. We now have a great backyard for entertaining and more than enough room for our guests and I am so excited about that!! Probably the most excited about that!

Dinosaur Party

How fun are those colors? And they are the colors of the dinosaurs I got at Walmart. They make for a really fun modern color palette for the party. Of course, I have to throw chalkboard and metallic gold in there somewhere and thanks to Target I found lots of great party decor! I always check out Target's $1 spot first!

The previous owners of our house built 4 raised bed and while they are fun I just don't want to keep up with that much gardening at this point in my life so we already planned to get rid of a couple but before we do that we are going to turn one of them into a dino dig and the other into a dino garden for the kids to enjoy during the party and I'll probably leave both throughout the summer for Harry to continue to enjoy! I know, I know I am going to HATE the sandbox. I agree. I know I will but for one summer I think I can live with it I suppose.

I have lots of fun ideas (thanks mainly to all the creative pinners out there) for food, drinks and decor and I can't wait to execute this fun birthday party for our favorite little guy. He is going to LOVE it!

If you want to check out Harry's previous parties (they were so fun!) go [HERE] for his very colorful 1st Birthday and [HERE] for his Peace, Love, & Harry 2nd Birthday.

Can't wait to share his 3rd Birthday with y'all. And how in the world is my baby THREE almost?



  1. Diana sore birthday party! Sounds good. I am really very impressed with this 3td birthday party idea. On my son’s 3rd birthday we hosted a batman party at an event space NYC. It was truly an amazing party where everyone enjoyed.

  2. If they say ‘The more the merrier’, go right here maybe at your age I should wish you ‘Merry Birthday’ instead of ‘Happy Birthday.’