Monday, March 21, 2016


As of yesterday, it is officially SPRING! YAY! It was so cold yesterday in NWA. It felt more like the first day of winter than the first day of spring. Its so much warmer today and the rest of the week is supposed to be very spring like!

We had big plans to work in the yard over the weekend, but the weather didn't really allow for it.

I've mentioned before the people we bought our house from were big gardeners and I need so desperately to get out in my flowerbeds and get to work. So much green and a little color is popping up in all the flowerbeds....front and back yards....and I have no clue what anything is (except for the hydrangeas, daffodils, ivy and pine tree) or where to even begin!

I did finally get Elle's room painted and decorated. Almost finished. Ordered hardware for her art wall and I'm waiting for her new rug to come in. Here are a few pictures I took with my phone until I can get better ones with my big camera :)

Isn't it so cute? If I do say so myself! I loved how it all came together. I am super excited about it. It turned into the sweetest little space and she loves it so much. Which is all I really could have hoped for anyway. A space to call her own that she can escape to and really enjoy being in. It's PURPLE. A lot of purple but it is sweet. I would have loved a similar room as a little girl for sure! Next up, the OFFICE/SEWING and then Harry's room. Which we are having some issues with Harry in is his crib lately (it's a poopy situation if you get what I'm saying......) so his big boy room might have to happen a little sooner than anticipated. As much as I'm not ready for that twin mattress without a cage I think it might be unavoidable at the moment. So my plans for my sewing room might get put on the back burner until H's room gets finished.

When we moved into the house I thought I would be so excited and would delve right into decorating and setting up house but to be completely honest I can't seem to find my groove yet. I'm not super motivated or inspired lately. I think a lot of it has to do with Harry and how high maintenance he is, I can't really do anything with him at home and since he doesn't nap much anymore it's hard for me to concentrate on anything or work on DIY projects. Hopefully though now with consistent warmer weather, he'll be outside more and allow for me to work on the inside. And come fall he'll be in preschool a few days a week and that with help out BIG TIME.

Having one room complete did seem to boost my morale :) and I am excited to get started on other spaces. I definitely am feeling a bit more inspired and motivated to start working on other rooms. I hung a couple of pictures in our powder room today. So that's a good start. Ha!

Happy Spring!!


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