Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What I Wore {Cropped Flare}

Ok, guys. The cropped flare. Hands down, my favorite trend for spring, summer and fall. So flattering, easy to style and super comfortable. Seriously super comfortable. I love anything with a mid or high rise and these have that and that perfect amount of stretch.


I can't get enough of these jeans. I think they are so fun and different without looking like I'm trying too hard. You know, I did turn 33 last week, so it's not like I can just wear every single new trend out there anymore. But I'm definitely loving this one a whole whole lot!

The flare crop is so cute styled with heels, mules, flats, birkenstocks, slip ons, every shoe in my opinion. And every top as well: button ups, bohemian blouses, flowy tanks, a simple tee, fitted tanks. The styling possibilities are endless, as is the effort. They pair wonderfully and easily with everything. And the price point (for this particular pair) is pretty nice too ;)

flarecrop01flowy blouse [similar] | front pocket cropped flare jean [here] | heeley dolce vita slip on [here]

If you are looking for a fun new trend to change it up a bit without stepping too far out of the box you should definitely give these jeans a try! I think you will really like them!

Search "cropped flare" on Pinterest and you will find all kinds of awesome style inspiration! Here are some looks that I just love and have inspired some of my recent outfits:

flarecropcollageSee? So versatile! Cool, chic, and effortless. Such a fun new trend that I hope sticks around for years and years like the skinny jean.

Happy Tuesday! Here's to hoping I have a more productive day than Monday. After single-parenting it last week and having Harry's 3rd birthday party (pics to come soon) at our house on Saturday, celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday, yesterday I literally sat on the couch all day. Lots of snuggles happened with my little man. I did get one load of laundry done AND went to the grocery store AND made dinner. So maybe I wasn't as big of a sloth as I thought at the time, but it was good day of rest that's for certain.


Friday, May 6, 2016

BBQ Yum Yum Bowls

T. G. I. F.

My husband has been out of town ALL week. And I am exhausted. And we are having a birthday party tomorrow. And I am exhausted. Ha. It has been a crazy week for us. I tend to take my husband's help for granted but after this week I am so thankful that he comes home every day after work. It's so different when he is not here. We miss him and will all be happy to see his face tonight!

So, I feel like overall we eat relatively healthy. We don't eat out just a ton. We have our moments for sure and some weeks we eat out more than others or we don't eat as healthy as we should at home. But if I'm on my meal-planning game and we are eating at home we definitely do pretty good. This week was a total bust with the hubs being out of town, but it's going to happen. I just try to do my best to feed my family well and not beat myself up if we have some busy days that end in the drive thru line. No shame in that game.

But when we are doing good, when I am doing good feeding my family healthy, then I usually plan for one indulgent meal a week. And that day is usually a Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes it's something I prepare at home and other times we go out. One our favorite indulgent meals are BBQ Yum Yum Bowls! We first had this at our favorite BBQ joint that is close to our house, Penguin Ed's. It was on their specials menu and Aaron got it one Saturday night and honestly, I was kind of grossed out by it, but it was/is SO good. They changed up their specials at our Penguin Ed's and they don't offer it anymore so I started making it at home.

BBQ Yum Yum Bowl
(a barbecue version of the taco bowl)

Layer 1: Fritos
Layer 2: pulled pork (my favorite is Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pulled Pork [here])
Layer 3: canned baked beans, warmed up on the stove
Layer 4: coleslaw (shredded red cabbage, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper all to taste)
Layer 5: your favorite barbecue sauce
Layer 6: shredded cheddar

That simple. And so good!! It is a family favorite for us! My kids are big fans and ask for this all the time. 

Every time I've made this I've either used pulled pork that I had frozen from a previous meal or leftover from earlier in the week. But you could start with the pork in the slow cooker all day, make the slaw the night before and let chill in the fridge all day and when you get home and everyone's hungry for dinner it is basically ready!

Happy Friday, friends. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What I Wore {Everyday Style}

Hey y'all. I have actually been remembering to take pictures of my daily outfits!! So here are a few of my everyday looks from the last month or so....

Can I just insert here that SPRING IS MY FAVORITE. I love layers and being comfort in layers and I am so not ready to bare it all yet. Don't get me wrong here, I do love love love the hot hot dayzzz of summer I really really really do, but I'm loving these 60s and 70s days with sun and breeze. Could do without the spring storms for sure, but have loved all the rain. AND Y'ALL SHOULD SEE THE FLOWER BEDS AT MY HOUSE. Holy Cannoli.

Everyday31This top is old and the jeans are also old but my favorite pair. DL Amanda [here]. I am loving the peplum fit that is so big right now. I've had this shirt since last spring (or maybe the spring before) it's a good transitional piece.

I've been eyeing some sleeveless peplum tops for the summer [here] [here] and [here].

Everyday30My go-to spring piece is this anorak! Y'all I seriously wear it every single day I feel like. Truth be told I threw it on over the white tee as well. It's so comfortable and instantly makes me feel put together, even if I haven't had a shower in a few days. (no really.....)

I got the anorak from Target last year. Mossimo's version this spring [here]. And it's on sale!

And the slub tee. So fun to put with a cute necklace. Another easy, errand-running outfit. Lots and lots of slub tees everywhere. Loving these from Forever21 [here] [here] [here].

Everyday29I have loved having this lightweight open cardigan this spring. Its enough weight to keep off the wind but not too warm to burn ya up! A clearance purchase from Old Navy [here] and a short sleeve version [here]. And my NEW sneaks! LOVE THEM! Kind of a random Target purchase [here] but I've already warn the heck out them. Getting ready to order myself a pair of Vans because these aren't really holding up to the wear but I'm thinking a pair of classic Vans will stand the test of time. Loving these [here] [here].

The tassel fringe necklace is a new purchase from Maude [similar] [similar]! I throw it on with everything.

Everyday28How sweet is this dress??? A recent purchase from Maude [here]! I love this floral print so much. I paired it with jeans for church because we served in the crawlers class and I knew I would be on the floor a lot but its a perfect length for us mamas to comfortably wear bare legged this summer. And it's fully lined!

Everyday27When in doubt wear this outfit. Or a version of this it. Chambray top and colored jeans. Its a classic. Both denim pieces are old but you can find similar [here] [here] and [here] [here].

Everyday26My favorite knotty top with an old, old old pair of jeans from Target that I ripped up myself. There's just something I love so much about a simple tee paired with destructed denim, a fun necklace and neutral sandals. Love these Seychelles at Maude right now [here] and this pair of distressed denim from Gap [here]. The necklace is also older from Maude but they always have the best statement jewelry! I've been eyeing this necklace [here].

I've linked up with The Pleated Poppy for her WIWW post today. Check out her blog [here] and the other linked posts. Awesome style inspo for us mamas for sure!

Hope you are all having a good week. It's been a long week (it's only Wednesday what?!) but we are surviving. Looking so very forward to the weekend and Harry's 3rd Birthday party on Saturday!! So excited for that!!