Monday, August 22, 2016

Well, hello there end of summer.

HI! August 22nd. Where did our summer go? Elle started her THIRD week of First Grade today. Hard to believe we are already well into our school year. And Harry starts preschool (first time for us to be apart. glory!) in 2 1/2 weeks. We are both so ready. He talks about going to school We talk about the friends he'll make, the teachers he'll love, the things he'll learn and all the fun he'll have! I cannot wait to see him embark on this little adventure. And, selfishly, I cannot wait for a little ME time.

We had a full fun summer! And on top off all the fun, I started back sewing and working at MAUDE. So it was a packed summer. We made lots of fun memories and spent a lot of quality time together but we were certainly all ready for some structure when it came in the form of Elle starting First Grade. And by the way, she LOVES it. No surprise there. She started at a new school, not knowing a single soul, and is thriving like we knew she would. We love her new school and her sweet First Grade teacher.

Our big fun this summer was our beach vacation! My parents took us to Gulf Shores for an awesome and relaxing week on the beach! This has been the first year in many that the beach with kids has been enjoyable. Both of my kids love the sand and ocean and were content to play. Aaron would take them out on the kayak and I actually got to relax with a book. Fit in two during the week!


Also this summer, we added JUNIE to our family. She is a Blue Heeler mix but looks so much like a German Shepherd we think she must be part that too. She's about the sweetest dog we've ever known and has been such a joy to have around. We love her!


Summer 2016 was a good one! But we welcome a new season with open arms!



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