Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day of Fall {favorites}

Y'all, hi! Its been a while. We have been all consumed with school and after school activities. I took on a few Hello, High Handmades orders over the last month so that was fun to sit at my sewing machine a little bit. I had great intentions of releasing a fall line but like always, I was over zealous and have only one pattern of the eight different styles cut out. So instead of releasing them all at once into my Etsy shop they will be gradually added piece by piece. Harry started PreK-3 a couple of weeks ago so I finally have some free time to actually think and hopefully I'll get back into my creating mode. All that to say, we've been busy and life is good right now. As unstructured and chaotic as it is.

So, today is the first day of fall SOOOOOO WHERE IS FALL? It's so blasted hot and humid in NW-AR right now that it feels like the dead middle of summer. It's all good. I really do love the heat and I'll be praying for it when winter hits BUT I am ready for cozy clothes. Sweaters, booties, layers...

I haven't done too much fall shopping lately, just a few pieces from Maude here and there. Its just been too dang hot to even entertain sweaters and layers. But I have been pinning lots of inspirational fall outfits and pieces I want to add to my wardrobe this fall and winter.

Oversized sweater. Denim on colored denim. Oversized cardigan. Trench with sneakers.

Denim on denim on denim. Hat and clogs. OVERALLS! Bomber, plaid and sneakers.

LOVE all these looks! Can't wait to replicate them this fall. I really have got to find a pair of overalls. That has been on my list for months but I just can't find a pair I love.

left to right | top to bottom

Some of my favorite fall finds from Maude. I recently purchased the oversized leopard sweater and the coney plaid shirt. Both are so super soft. I'm sure I will live in them in the coming months. And they have the CUTEST BOOTIES YOU EVER DID SEE RIGHT NOW. Basically I'm never going to get a paycheck. But at least I'll have cute clothes and shoes.

AND guess what? I got a laptop a few days ago! WOO HOO. I see so much more blogging in my future. SO much more convenient and appealing to be able to have it on my lap anywhere I choose rather than being holed up in my office. Who knew?

Happy Thursday! Hope its a great one. It's our Friday..yayay! The kids are out of school tomorrow and I am so looking forward to sleeping in.


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