Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Harry's Bedroom

It's Wednesday! And, for me, that means my children are back in school. It's kind of a bittersweet day really. We've had the best time the past two weeks. The first two days were rough with the sibling fights and the running of a gazillion errands trying to get ready for Christmas but once we got that out of our system we had the best time. Aaron actually got the Friday before Christmas off and just went back to work yesterday so we have had some good family QT and it's been really good for the soul.

Our days consisted of sleeping in, lounging around, going to the movies, watching new movies that Santa brought, playing with Junie, cleaning house, making room for new toys, playing with said new toys, finishing a few projects around the house, cleaning the garage, eating out too much, trying to find Aaron a new car, and so on and so forth. It seemed busy but it really wasn't. So back to reality today is going to be rough.

We are having Elle's birthday party at our house in a few weeks (how is my baby girl almost 7?) so I would like to get a few projects finished before we have company. And one of the things is Harry's bedroom. I really wanted to tackle it over the break but he's been having the best time playing in his room with all his new toys (hello, Batman Batcave, best Christmas present ever!) so I just decided to let him be and have his room over the break and work on it when he started back to school. SO, I'm hoping next week I can get it done.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share my ideas for his bedroom with you.


We have it all ready to go. Except for wall art, I'm going to wait until I get the room painted and everything put in it's place to figure all that out. But we have the bed, bedding, dresser (Aaron put it together on Monday!), paint for the walls (it's a really dark teal navy color, kind of hard to explain) and teepee (Santa brought it!). Harry is all set to have a super cute big boy room for sure. He just needs his lazy mom to get it done for him.

Maybe by posting my ideas it will motivate me to get it done sooner than later so that I can share it with you :)



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