Monday, January 9, 2017

My Favorite Christmas Present

My family did good with my Christmas gift this year. I've been hinting around for the last few months how I would love a coffee Ninja Coffee Bar. I kind of figured that Aaron wouldn't get one because our Keurig is only 2 years old but they delivered and I love it. It is so fun. The day I took it out of the box I made approximately 8 specialty drinks and I was so caffeinated I couldn't sleep that night! But they were just too fun to make that I kept making one after another. The Ninja came with a recipe book loaded with different coffee drinks. I didn't (and still don't) have any syrups so I've been limited on the drinks I can make but so far my favorite ones that I've made are the simple au lait (espresso + frothed milk) and the cafe con miel au lait (espresso + honey + cinnamon + frothed milk). As I am typing this I'm drinking an au lait. And dare I say they are 100 times better than Starbucks coffees. I even made a pumpkin spice latte even though I'm not a huge fan because I had the ingredients on hand and it wasn't too bad. The Ninja recipe calls for pumpkin spice seasoning and half and half not a sugary syrup so I actually liked it.

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System
Now that I have this awesome coffee maker I want an equally awesome coffee station. But the problem is the space where I keep my coffee maker is small but its the perfect spot because it has a single cabinet above it and a drawer and cabinet below to keep my beans, grounds, teas, cups, etc. So I'm going to have to get creative to make it pretty and functional all the while not looking cluttered.

via google images

These small space coffee bars are all so pretty, clean and functional. I love them all. Now to get going on my little coffee bar.


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